Civil War Research Sites

Site made by 5th grade students about the civil war.  Contains information about battles, biographies of important people, and much more.

Civil War Diary





Causes, Effects, Timeline, Miscellaneous “stuff” about the events:

Underground Railroad:
Sites all about the underground railroad.

Music and Poetry:





Battles/Artillary (complete with music):


Still hungry for more civil war information?  You might find help here:








Underground Railroad Links


Clara Barton at Antietam
Diary of a Civl War Nurse
Civil War Nurses
Battle Hospitals in the Civil War
Civil War Medicine
Civil War Medicine photos

Civil War Hospitals

Virtual Tour of Gettysburg


Andersonville Civil War Prison
Conditions at Andersonville
Economics of Andersonville
Andersonville - What Really Happened?
Andersonville Prison - Civil War Trust
Life and Death in a Civil War Prison camp

Civil War Prison Camps
Andersonville and other Prisons N & S
Andersonville - The Urban Baboon
New World Encyclopedia - Andersonville
Belle Isle Prison

Belle Isle Database
Belle Isle Prison, VA


Native AmericansNative Americans in the Civil War
Union and Confederate Indians in the Civil WarNative Americans & the Civil War
We are All Americans - Native Americans in the Civil War
Illinois, Native Americans and the Civil War
American Indains in the Civil War?
How Indians Fared in the Civil War
Civil War Virtual Museum - Native Americans



126th NY Infantry
126th NY Infantry Family Search
126th NY Infantry Civil War in the East
126th NY Infantry at Gettysburg
185 NY Infantry


Food for soldiers
Soldiers Food During the Civil War
Feeding an Army
A Taste of Civil War Food
What did slaves eat?
The Life of a Slave


Infantry Soldiers - Pennsylvania



THE HUNLEY (made for TV movie)

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