Meet Mark Twain

You are the expert! Use your webquest booklet to complete the following tasks.

BOOKLET PAGE 2: Learn about Mark Twain in this short biography.

BOOKLET PAGE 3-4: Learn about Mark Twain by watching this neat powerpoint. Click on the Powerpoint icon on the upper left hand corner of the window. Complete the organizer to store your new information about America's favorite author. Be prepared to share your findings with the class.

BOOKLET PAGES 5-6: Tour The Mark Twain House in Hartford, Connecticut.

BOOKLET PAGE 7: Mark Twain's family tree can be downloaded here.

Mark Twain's memory building game was designed to make learning history enjoyable. Test your knowledge of Mark Twain's Life by play the first level of Memory Building. Think you can do more? Click here for an even greater challenge.


The Mark Twain Museum in Hannibal is fascinating! See Becky Thatcher's house, learn about Hannibal, Missouri and even e-mail yourself a postcard from Hannibal and Jackson Island!


Can you imagine being stranded in a cave like Tom and Becky? Well, that cave really exists. Check out the following before entering McDougal's Cave:

  • Explore a virtual cave here and see just what's inside the rocks.
  • Check out Bridal Cave Kids'Page to see how rocks grow, what caves are made of and even check out Max the Bat. Are you ready? Take a visit to McDougal's Cave. Bring a flashlight....and watch out for spiders and bats! Choose "Cave Pictures" to see inside the cave. There you will be able to actually enter the caverns by clicking on the movie. Stay close and don't get lost. Shhhhh Do you hear Injun Joe?
  • Click here to enter the cave if you dare!
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The Mark Twain's Elmira - a Funeral Reenactment and a visit to Elmira 2010

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McDougal's Cave
Need More Mark?